Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1985 Japan Like A Virgin Promo Shoot Photographed by Kenji Wakasugi


3332 X 4968  6 MB

6900 X 4959  13 MB

3506 X 4965  6 MB

3568 X 4952  7 MB

6824 X 4956  13 MB

6780 X 4962  15 MB


  1. oh myyyyyy
    you really want to kill us
    absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  2. whoa there's a new japan picture in the banner of the blog..
    please please keep posting...
    love from Italy

  3. Absolutely stunning. I can't believe how awesome japan's stuff is. Even with anna nicole smith photos. Japan & other foreign places have better photos then the US. brian amazing post. I just hope these copycats realize how much work you put in these and don't copy them. BTW your blog is very neat and very well organized your hard work is very much noticed and appreciated. The copycat page on facebook. Is very sloppy nothing neat or orginal. very Simplified. charlene


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