Monday, March 11, 2013

1983 Photographed by ???

I'm guessing on the year as
 1983 and possibly from
Andre Grossmann but not sure.
If you have any info please
leave a comment.

See these other photos from
Andre Grossmann to compare.
Opinions welcome.


  1. David Cunningham? There's a photographer named Peter Cunningham that shot her in 1982 but not so sure this one is from the same session, someone else mentioned Helmut Werb as a possibility.

  2. This Looks like its from a photo session of Madonna from 1983 by Ingrid Hassman. Not sure though look at the pictures from that photo session they look like this.

  3. In the Ingrid Hassman shots her hair is in braids and not in her face, so not so sure.

  4. Not the Color ones with her wearing the Graffiti Shirt with braids in her hair there are ones in black and white where her hair is in a ponytail her hair bangs is in her face and she has a denim jacket on and little make up on like the one in this picture shes outside like on a building in nyc.

  5. I know what pictures you are talking about the ones with Madonna wearing a Graffiti type shirt with Braids in her hair and makeup. She also has a photo session with her where the photos are in black and white and her hair bangs are in her face and her hair is in a ponytail she is wearing a denim jacket and the photos are on a nyc building. This photo looks very similar to that photo session.

  6. Can you send a pic to my email listed on my profile?
    I'm thinking I know which shots you talking about but a pic would help.

  7. Yes I'll send you the pictures of the photo session that I think this picture is from. This is the photo session that after studying this photo is the session that I think its from like I said not sure but its the one I think its from.

  8. Ok I just realized that on somesites that the photo is credited as andre grossman and as ingrid hassman on others I see that you were thinking it was the sameone all along we were talking about the same session.

  9. I'll create a post later with previews of the Andre Grossman
    shots so others can compare and leave their opinions.

  10. Great Yes so I researched it the photo session that was credited as Ingrid Hassman is definitely Andre Grossman (not the photo you are asking about still not sure)I agree with you although the photographers names were mixed up but we were thinking its from the same photo session. So If anyone else knows for sure cool but I'm in agreement with you as far as what photo session we both think its from the Andre Grossman session. Also forgot to mention LOVE your blog Im an avid reader of it just wanted to let you know that also :)


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