Welcome and I hope you enjoy my Madonna blog. I've been told it's the most original fan page on the internet.  The combination of my personal HQ Madonna scans, my dedicated photoshop work along with the time and effort involved in doing the research justifies that accolade.  I've been collecting Madonna memorabilia since 1985 and have surmounted quite a collection. Back in 2008 when I created this blog it was a way for me to keep track of what magazines I have and the photos & layouts within so that I wouldn't have to search thru my massive archive of Madonna magazines and scrapbooks every time I was trying to find a photo or try to remember if I had a particular magazine. Basically digitizing my collection for archival reference. I knew there were a lot of Madonna magazine collectors out there and most would appreciate being able to see the covers and inside layouts that accompanied them.  I consider it a useful reference guide to hard to find magazines, clippings, books, collectables and campaign ads along with some rare and unseen photos especially from Japan. My main goal is to help other collectors by creating an archive with information related to source material. Madonna scans that include photographers names, date information, country origin, etc...looking thru the BLOG ARCHIVE listing below will show all postings since I started in 2008, if you click on label identifiers under a post everything related will be shown.  I've tried my best to be accurate as possible with all photographers and years listed, if you find something I've missed leave a respectful comment.  Over the last couple of years I've noticed various Madonna sites actually using the correct photographers name for previously uncredited or wrongfully credited photos. I would like to think I played a small role in it.  For example just up until a few years ago fans were listing some 1985 Japan photos as being done by Herb Ritts when they were really taken by Hiro Itoh or Kenji Wakasugi respectively. 

If you have any Madonna magazine covers and/or article scans to contribute contact me by leaving a comment on the latest entry.

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*Note* All previews on this blog have been downsized and compressed from the original scans which have no comparisons as far as quality. Listed file dimensions and MB info are for reference of the original file only. If you want to trade for my HQ versions tell me what you have to offer in trade.



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