Monday, July 20, 2015

2006 Confessions Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino

 2493 X 3438  3 MB

The shot above is featured in the
Madame Figaro France September 30 2006 issue.
 Her stance is the same as the image below
 except for her head positioning. Which leads
me to believe the shot below is possibly fake.
 It's possible that she stayed in the exact same
position and then moved her head, just unlikely.
I've had the two photos below in my files for
years and neither appeared altered or fake.
When comparing the two there is a question

In the preview pane, toggle between the
1st & 2nd shot to compare.
Leave a comment if you know the source of the
shots below.

3394 X 4428  4 MB

3394 X 4428  8 MB

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