Sunday, November 16, 2014

May 16 1987 Hometown Girl Clipping Madonna at Melanie and Joe Henry's Wedding


  1. I am 99% sure this was December 1987. She filmed Bloodhounds of Broadway in December 1987 and even though she wore a wig for that, we really don't know what her hair looked like. All of a sudden, in early 1988, she had a very short black bob of a haircut. I wrestled with this too back in the day because I think this scan is originally from a US tabloid and I used to think it was 1989 but for some reason, I remember having it prior to 1989.

  2. Madonna's sister Melanie was married on May 16, 1987 ... this photo of Madonna was about 2 weeks prior to her shooting the WHO'S THAT GIRL video.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I googled the date and Melanie's name and found a genealogy site with the info. So May 16 1987 must be the day then and her look in the photo totally fits in with the Who's That Girl Video. She went thru so many hair color changes from 86 thru 89 sometimes it's really hard to pin point some of these photos. Obviously the tabloid this came out of had some birthday info wrong then.


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