Sunday, March 30, 2014

1983-1984 Rare Article Clipping Japan ?

Please leave a comment if you know any information
 about this magazine article such as name of magazine,
date, country origin.

I had someone verify that this article wasn't from a
Musician USA magazine circa 1983-1984.  The person
mentioned the text on the right looked like Japanese
which I thought all along. The preview is small and
blurry so it's quite hard to tell. The hunt continues....
the latest info I have is that the shoot was done for a
Japan magazine called Ryuko Tsushin.

Here's another shot below from the same session in 1983
 Photographed by Kiri Teshigahara for Ryuko Tsushin shoot
 in Flushing Meadows - Long Island NY in front of the
Globe from a 1964 Worlds Fair.

DOWNLOAD  2432 X 2497  4 MB

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  1. 1983 Gang on left in front of World Fair Globe in Queens NY


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