Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1985 Madonna with Marilyn Photographed by Boy George

If you know which event/party this photo was
taken please leave a comment.


This is the other photo I'm asking about.
I don't have a HQ scan of this but I
think the text says this one was
taken in January 1985 in his dressing room
after one of his shows which cannot be correct.
Photographed by Dave Hogan.


  1. This was June 6, 1985 at The Palladium Night Club in NYC after one of her shows during the Virgin Tour.

  2. Buster
    Thanks for the info.
    There's another shot(s) of them together at the Palladium evidently on a different night, she has a long sleeve shirt on with a hat pulled down low over her eyes and Marilyn has different clothing on too with some kind of marking on his forehead. Any idea of the date on that one?

  3. My apologies - the photo of Madonna and Marilyn with the markings on his forehead was on June 6, 1985 at The Palladium Night Club in NYC. The photo you posted here with Marilyn wearing a glitter jacket was taken backstage after one of her shows at Radio City Music Hall. It was either June 6th, 7th, or 8th but I am still looking for the exact date. The show was moved to Madison Square Garden for the June 10th and 11th show.

  4. It's weird that it says January 1985...she wasn't even on tour then. This was definitely after one of her shows in NYC. Pretty certain it is June 6th.

  5. Buster,
    The photo that states January 1985 mentions it's a shot taken in Marilyn's dressing room backstage after one of his show, not Madonna's - so that makes sense since she doesn't have much makeup on or looks like she's trying to go incognito.

  6. I don't know. This photo is also taken by Boy George and he wrote that it was taken backstage at Radion City Music Hall after one of her shows. Plus, she didn't have bangs short bangs in January 1985. She cut her bangs during the tour in April. Also, she is wearing a ton of makeup. Look at those lashes. LOL!!!


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