Tuesday, September 3, 2013

i-D UK November/December 1983 All Star Issue Madonna Photographed by Peter Anderson

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This issue has no exact publication 
date printed within. Just 1983 and
a few references in articles of the Fall.
The information I had here before
related to being an April 1983 issue came
from other sources on the internet in
my research which have to be wrong.
The above photoshoot took place in
October 1983 during a UK visit.
There are a few dates on some of the
photos within the magazine showing
September and October.  So this
has to be a November/December issue
since it's publication date is 1983. Unless
that is incorrect on the last page
and then it's a Jan-Feb 1984 issue. 
It states 6 issues in a year.  The photo is 
credited to Marc Lebon which is
incorrect also.

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  1. But this issue was the fourth issue of 1983 the mag was quarterly. Plus the Peter Anderson shots were done in October 1983 when she was in London. I am pretty sure this more likely December 1983.


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