Monday, December 24, 2012

1987 La Isla Bonita Photographed by Alberto Tolot

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2043 X 3071  3.18 MB

La Isla Bonita Video Shot on March 14 1987
in Los Angeles Directed by Mary Lambert  
Stills by Alberto Tolot
(Premiere March 29 1987)


  1. WOW! How did they film the video, edit, and release it all in two weeks? Doesn't seem like enough time.

  2. I know - it must of been a real rush job for back then. If you look at the director's video marker (clapperboard) in the La Isla Bonita outtake video you can clearly see the date of production. Possibly a lot of her videos were done in a short time span from shoot to release, but the information is quite hard to find out.


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