Saturday, August 27, 2011

1995 Milan Photographed by Mario Testino for Versace

5000 X 3530  11.3 MB
August Picasa Upload

Thanks Brandon!


  1. It turned out so beautiful! I am so happy we found this poster and that there was something I could finally contribute! It's amazing! Have dreamed of this one in quality like this for some time now!

  2. Make sure you download the poster size one as well from sendspace, there's a link under the picasa file. It's super huge
    @ 9891 X 6984 31.2 MB
    I'm very pleased with the result. It only took about 10 scans and about 1 1/2 hours to do in photoshop. Being text free made it much easier. Glad your happy with the finished file.

  3. Hey hi your blog is incredible, I wonder if you can download these pictures in HQ I'd appreciate it a lot, and also hope you visit my blog and please you ... thanks ...

  4. This one might be a download of the week at some point in the future, keep an eye out.


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