Friday, February 4, 2011

1989 Dick Tracy Madonna as Breathless Photographed by Herb Ritts

Madonna was photographed on the
set of Dick Tracy by several
photographers. One being Herb Ritts.
The photographs
above have been documented
as being taken by Herb Ritts
from many publications that I own.
Patrick Demarchelier took most of the
photos that were featured on many
worldwide magazines and
Peter Sorel photographed on set
cast photos and movie stills.


Photographed by Peter Sorel


  1. The one of Madonna with Warren Beatty, which was the cover image of French Premiere magazine (October 1990), is credited by the magazine as by Herb Ritts.

  2. Thankyou Pedro. I had reviewed my copy of French Premiere before and couldn't find anything documented.
    After another look I found the photo credit on the very last page. Usually it's listed at the front of the magazine. Glad to know Herb did that shot with her and Warren.

  3. this session is by Peter Sorel here a link to His website :)


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