Saturday, January 22, 2011

Focus Japan February 8 1985

Brief Article Translation:
Madonna reminiscent of Monroe visits
 Japan. While Staying at the hotel she
 visits the pool , Keishi Asaoka takes
 candid photos wearing bathing suit.
Rumors of her cancelling her visit untrue.
She did not use escalator but stairs in the hotel.
She liked Japanese snacks and sushi.
Conger eel was a favorite in particular.
She shopped and bought cheap
 accessories in large quantities
 in Harajuku.  She mastered some
 Japanese terms such as KONNICHIWA ,
When she had spare time, she was
 telephoning Jelly Bean Benitez.
The telephone bill exceeded
 200,000 yen in five days.
A 17-year-old boy friend
 was coming to Japan from Hawaii
to spend time together with her
for 2 days .


  1. Fantastic as always. Is there any chance to see scan of this? Keep up the good work.

  2. These are so cool!! So interesting to hear the Japan info in the translation as well! Wonder who the 17 yo boy was who came to visit her and spend time with her from Hawaii? And wonder if Jellybean knew about that? LOL! Also wonder if it was one of the boys from the series of pics she did with Ritts for the VT book in Hawaii right before she went to Japan? Interesting....... I can almost bet that swimsuit is the infamous one in the Ritts beach shots! Love them! Thanks B!


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