Monday, August 10, 2009

Modern Screen Super Special Madonna USA 1987 Sterling Magazines


  1. This is so lame- alot of these scans are taken from Pud Whacker's Madonna Scrapbook and you put your blog name all over it like you own it. what the hell??

  2. Your comment is LAME and incorrect. You really should check your facts before accusing someone. Everything on my blog is personally scanned by me, except for a few scans provided by my friends which are acknowledged on the entry. I am friends with Nick(Pud Whacker's Madonna Scrapbook) but none of his scans are on my blog. I've put a lot of time into my blog(scanning, photoshopping) and I'm not apologizing for using watermarks on my scans for the exact reason of what your accusing me of. However you should apologize.

  3. Yeah morffyne! How dare you come here and say something like that! Brian's blog is soooo not lame! You sound so stupid even saying that! What the hell? Dont' sweat it Brian! Keep up the good work!


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